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Do Not Want (Old Can)

Happy U-Con-mas

Yes, these are the Bacon-fat ginger cookies. I've tasted them and although they are way not kosher, they are also way bacon smokey gingery good. I think you Smitheeites have been pretty good this week so I'll be bringing the Bacon-fat Ginger Cookies to U-con. If you want a cookie, you have 3.25 hours to get to the Wolverine Room in the Michigan Union because that's where they will be.


A two hour bike ride in the freezing cold + working in a school with tons of sick kids = no PattiMST3k :( I'm so sorry--I hope everything went super!!

On a happier note, I emailed my Thanxgiving menu to my dad/stepmom and in laws; included on the menu is Booinverse Stuffing. Undoubtedly, they will wonder what the fuck that is....
YAY Bikeride! Boo freezing cold. Sorry to have missed you, it was a pretty interesting show in terms of what the audience took a fancy to. We had a pretty decent crop of films and thus sometimes there were categories that were really tough to vote on. However, I did not expect The Victim's "Let's Up the Rating to 'R'" to take first place because it's a really tame 'R'. However, it does have the double dong flick (as seen from behind the flickees) and the towel snap sequence (same general area but with a towel. Lots of guy reaction to that. heh) and lots and LOTS of male hiney so maybe that put it over the top? Weird, but hey. I'm always happy when some male 'R' comes around so...

Also, booniverse stuffing just sounds wrong. I'm going to be totally with your dad when he says "WTFBBQ??!?" on that. I like to call it Great Harvest Cornbread Stuffing because it is from GH and also anyone who has ever had GH bread will automatically assume the stuffing is tasty even though I don't use GH bread in it anymore. It's sort of cheating but I'll take anything I can get when it comes to cooking.
I don't know what this says about my family BUT no one has even commented on the Boo Stuffing. So either a) they don't read my emails :( , b) they hate me or c) they know I'm weird and just go with it.

Okay, GHCS it is, with credit to Boo!
Have fun, y'all! I'm hoping to make the official A2 Smithees in late winter / early spring. Any of my suggestions in this year's round?
*squeee*! That'll be cool to see you up in the area (hopefully!)

These movies were viewed two years ago and I can't remember what of them, if any, were ones you suggested. We do have a couple from the discs you sent up for next year (I think). It's very confusing trying to think several years in advance!