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anonymous kph

one crazy idea

badmovie here. I realized a few months ago that there were 26 letters in the English alphabet, and 52 weeks in the year. And the plan, as they say, coalesced.

Approximately every two weeks, I will watch a Smithee-intended movie for the "26 movies in 52 weeks project." Ignoring initial articles, I will start with the letter A, and move sequentially to the letter Z. Because I can. I also have five movies which start with numbers, and I will probably slip one in at the very beginning of the year because I was loaned the videotape over a decade ago ("Hi Sean, sarah-marie!"), and it's probably time to watch the movie and give the thing back.

Because I am indecisive, I will ask for suggestions from time to time. If anyone wants to call dibs on a particular letter, feel free. The ones which are already sort-of spoken for are B (I will put up a poll as to which "B movie" I should watch), W (I will watch the movie W), O & U (only own 1 movie that starts with relevant letter), and Q & Y (own 0 movies that start with relevant letter). That leaves 20 films yet to be determined (well, and Q & Y).

This will run parallel to the usual Smithee films that I watch, so I don't need to insist that theme movie nights run alphabetically or anything crazy like that. It just means that I won't be bringing Octopus 2, Undefeatable, or W to any theme nights -- unless it's during the relevant two-week span.


OoooOOOoooo! Do you have an 'R' already or can we slot Rottweiler in?
The "R" week will probably be in September sometime (I don't have my exact breakdown online ... it's on a sheet of paper that I can't get to right now). You might want to watch Rottweiler before then.

But if not, then sure! I will send you a list of other "R" movies, though, so you can make an informed decision.
Yeah, I know I already e-mailed you this question but! I thought people who can't look at my e-mail might want to also know: How are you handling movies with multiple titles? Like in my example, if there is a movie called "Yungo xi chimi" and also known as "Werewolf Punch of Death" are you counting it as "Y" or "W" or "Yes"?
I decided that I go by what the copy I have is titled. So even though imdb may say the film is called Y2K, since my copy is titled Terminal Countdown, it would slot into "T" instead of "Y". So in the example above, if the credit screen (or box copy) of the movie says "Werewolf Punch of Death" it goes under "W". If they differ, then I guess I make it up as I go along.
That's freaking awesome!
Hey, I was bitching to my teacher's aid (the fabulous Mr. Peoples) the other day, ranting about one of the kid's asshole moms. I managed to sneak in a "Why is blue?!" It was so, so sweet.

I'd like to suggest an "S"

Recently my husband bought the worst movie I've EVER seen. It was called:

Skeletons of Cadavera

I got through around 20 minutes of it then fled the room screaming. Me, who bit on the 21 DVDs for 42 dollars deal from Troma. This movie could pick up some serious awards.

Re: I'd like to suggest an "S"

If you're thinking of "Lost Skeleton of Cadavera", that doesn't count as a smithee because they were trying to poke fun at B movies -- they meant it as humor, and I thought it was pretty clever (but who can account for taste).

If "Skeletons of Cadavera" is a different movie, please do tell more so I can add it to my personal bad movie list. :)

Re: I'd like to suggest an "S"

I'm with le_bebna_kamni. Although I haven't seen The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra yet, I'm positive it was intended that way.

If this is something different ... well, then ... consider me signed up.

Re: I'd like to suggest an "S"

My husband says it's suposed to be funny but honestly as much as I love bad cinema this one was too painful to watch.


"I was loaned the videotape over a decade ago ("Hi Sean, sarah-marie!")"

Oh, dear. It was apparently long enough ago that I have no memory whatsoever of loaning this movie to you. What is this numeric-beginning title?

-Sean K.
5 Million Years to Earth came with Planet Earth.
Can I recommend "Evil Bong" if it hasn't been viewed already? I haven't seen it personally, but I've heard some smithee worthy things about it.
If I can find it. The genre of Evil Random-Noun films is vast and wasted.