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anonymous kph

F is for The Female Bunch

Per request of pattimst3k, 'tis a brief review of The Female Bunch in rhyming doggerel.

Here's the story,
Of a girl named Sandy,
Who was tired of those stupid awful men.
So she moved out to a ranch,
With some women,
And she was happy then.

Here's the story,
Of a guy named just Jim,
Whose best buddy was branded with a cross.
The buddy went out
and got himself killed
by Grace, who was the boss.

And then Sandy ran across Jim out in the barn,
and she knew that he wasn't there for brunch.
So those two,
Tried to escape from the ranch,
That's the start of the film called the Female Bunch,
The Female Bunch - the Female Bunch
That's the start - and end - of the Female Bunch.

Not starring anyone as "Alice."


You rock!!
Ann B. Davis, at the religious retreat where she retired, is smiling. And Sam Da Butcher, in Heaven, is smiling too.
By the way, Netflix decided to send D-Wars to me next O.o;