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Ninja Duck What??!?

A2 Smithee Nite Out

Just a remindery that tomorrow is the second official Smithee Nite Out over at the Corner Brewery (8pm onward!). I still haven't decided which games I'm going to drag along so if any of y'all have some fantastic card and/or beer spillage safe board games that you think everyone ought to try, feel free to pack those up and bring them out. Otherwise, it's radio me and my as yet unpicked games.

Here's to seeing some of you locals out at the Brewery!
-Your Friendly Neighborhood Promotions Ninja


If we get really drunk, I'd recommend a round of Roll-A-Role, which is at the Corner. I tend to bring friends to the Corner, get them wasted and them coerce them into playing this game. It is too funny for words...you get a character by rolling these ginormous dice (one of the characters is blind person, handicapped man, young girl, etc.) and then you draw a card for the scenario. If you pick a Christian scenario you might be treated to something like "your best friend wants you to see a pornographic movie. You are opposed to pornography. How do you deal with this?" (The game is from the 1970s). Of course, we never actually have this kind of conversation, but much hilarity ensues.
Jeff will no longer play this game with me, which is why I am always coercing others to do so :) :)