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2015 U-Con Smithee Primary

Hey! We have a BLOG! And would you look at the dust on this thing [blows off cover of blog]. *cough* *cough* It's been a while. I blame teh Facebooks. Or global warming. Or chupacabras. Warm chupacabras that travel the world and melt ice caps. Yeah...that's my line and I'm sticking to it.

Anyway, thought I'd pop in and let y'all know that we are gearing up for Smithee 25 and have a preliminary show in the can. Conveniently, there is a convention this weekend that we can show it at! So if you are in or near the Ann Arbor Area OR you are attending U-Con come by the Auditorium on Saturday at 7pm to midnight (the whole time or portions thereof) and help us hone down our ballot.

Seriously, please send help.

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Promotions Ninja

ARRRRGH! I almost missed my favorite pormotional run!

How sad would that have been if I never got to use the adorable Smithee Tux icon this year? Very sad, in case you were wondering. Very, very sad.


I suddenly remembered (early this morning, because that's when all the things you should remember actually creep into your mind) that I haven't been doing Promotional Blurbits AND IT'S TUX SEASON!!!


Penguicon Smithees
part of the weirdly awesome Penguicon 2014
Saturday, May 3rd
8pm to around 1:30am
Pottage Auditorium

See you tomorrow!

(P.S. The schedule does indeed only have us running until technically 12:50 but the head of programming is aware of that and has bumped Plan 9 back. Sorry Plan 9)
Ninja Duck What??!?

Ninja of Slackery

So yeah. HI! *waves* Been a while, not counting the Earl's "We ought to put something up on the LJ!" post but we're still alive and in perfect hibernation. We also do a lot more posting over at teh Facebooks but that's no excuse for leaving y'all a whole year without LJ goodness.

And now I'm going to make your stop off here really boring because I just poked in to let you folks know that the Ann Arbor Smithee Show is this Saturday, April 19th (7pm to the end - say midnightish in 1800 Chem building). If you live in or near Ann Arbor you woke up this morning to a definite harbinger of the Smithee Awards: Snow! In April! I am curious to see what Saturday brings in terms of weather.

Long Short:
The XXIII Annual Ann Arbor Smithee Awards
Saturday April 19th
7pm until midnightesque
1800 Chem Building
930 N. University Ave (UofM main campus)

...we have snacks. A lot of them are weird Oreo flavors. Streuth.
-Your Slackery Promotions Ninja JQ
New Trash Can logo

It's Showtime!

Save the calendars!
Mark your dates!
for the 23rd Annual Smithee Awards!

Not even a polar vortex can stop our B Movie extravaganza! Watch our specially selected film clips on the Elements of Terrible Cinematic Style, including ludicrous premises, stupid looking monsters, terrible special effects and gratuitous violence and nudity, then cast your vote for the very Worst of the Worst. Unhealthy and improbable snacks and beverages will be provided; antacids will not.

The event is free, but may not be suitable for children.

When: April 19, 7 -11 pm
Where: Ann Arbor, Michigan
University of Michigan, 1800 Chem Building
930 N. University Avenue

Or catch us at a convention appearance:
May 2-4
Southfield, Michigan

Origins Game Fair
June 11-15
Columbus, Ohio
Miskatonic U

One Week!

Man...I'll be in Columbus by this time next week! KRAZY! I'm hoping to see a lot of the rest of you there as well because I have buttons that I don't want to take home with me. Yes, I am more or less DONE with my Smithee prep AND THERE IS A WEEK TO GO!. What is this I don't even!

So! Come find me or another Smith-ka-teer if you want you a button and then come to the show:

Friday, June 14th
7pm - 12ish(?)
Terrace Ballroom 5

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Now I Have Too Much Time on My Hands Smithee Ninja JQ
Smithee Saracen

Perhaps Consider some Pre-Smithee Sorbo Fun Before Your Yearly Inoculation of Bad Movie Madness

Rumor has it, Kevin Sorbo is screening a new film he's a part of (Julia X) right before the Smithees (3:30 to 6pm they say). They also say you can be part of the awesome for just a mere $20, which I would have balked at in my formative years but now-a-days? That's a pretty good price for a movie that isn't yet out. You could be part of history!

And then you can come tell us at The Smithee Awards later that same night how the movie actually was. Do we need to keep an eye out for it for..."review" or is it the most awesome thing ever in the history of ever?

You want to know the best part? The movie screening is IN THE SAME ROOM as the Smithees. You might not have to move at all.

Smithee XXII
Friday, June 14th; 7pm until midnightish
Terrace Ballroom 5
Origins Game Fair

-Your Friendly Neighborhood "Now I want to Dress up as a Ballot Saracen" Ninja JQ
World Domination Kitten

And You Are Never Too Old to Watch a Smithee Show.

Good News! If you haven't seen Smithee 22 yet, you have one more chance. In (mathsmaths) 12 days at Origins in Columbus, Ohio starting at 7pm on the 14th of June, we'll be rolling the first category of Smithee 22 in SomewhereOrOther ballroom Terrace Ballroom 5 (WE HAVE A ROOM!!!) for the last time this year. *sniff* These Smithee shows, they grow up so fast.

Come stop by and watch some pretty "great" clips from some awfully "great" movies.

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Almost Done With Smithee Prep Ninja JQ
Garbage In Smithees Out

Good News Day Passers!

We just found out that you can use your Day Pass (which will be available for purchase on Saturday) to attend the Smithee Awards on Friday. I have no idea how that works out in the real world but in the Origins world it's officially legit. Check it out.

Maybe they have a Time Lord on retainer.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Day Pass Information Passing Along Ninja

Haven't we done this movie...

Apparently this is the hatching year for the cicadas from "Brood II" and apparently there are a whole lot of them primed to come out of the ground and do their swarming thing. Which they only get to do every 17 years so I expect there will be much bug enthusiasms. One could think of this in other terms, like the last time these cicadas were out Orgy of the Dead was sweeping Smithee 5. Combat Shock and Leprechaun 3 also got honorable mentions but that's nothing compared to all the movies these bugs have missed. They are going to have a lot of catching up to do (and if they are lucky, they might still catch the ending of the Bloody Wednesday overkill clip...I hear it's just about half way done in Columbus).

Anyway, here's the article and under the cut is the yoinking of the text.
Collapse )

If you like bugs I highly recommend clicking over to the article; they have some neat pics.
-Your Friendly Neighborhood Glad She Lives in the Midwest Promotions Ninja JQ