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The Irish Have Waited All Year for This Day...

You're NOT going to ruin it for them!

Happy Birthday pattimst3k, we watch your oh so 70s birthday movie with...beer? Because God Told Me To. Review to come later because God also said I could slack. My God is a kinder, gentler, beer appreciating God he/she/it is.


I want to watch that movie on an un-birthday day. I want to see the 70s glory.
PS: I will sleep with my eye puppet tonight...is that wrong?
As long as the eye puppet consents. Which, given the nature of the eye puppet, seems pretty likely.
Aren't eye puppets more voyeurs? Seems to me they would be a more "watching" rather than "doing" sort of critter. Then again, she could have a forward thinking eyeball puppet. I don't judge.
I slept with the eye puppet. I just tucked it under the crook of my arm and I was off to sleep. At some point, it ended up on the floor, but all in all, I think it had a good night.

Thanks again!
I suppose that it would be the cuddliest lil' eyeball in the (mid)West...