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random film (alone in the dark?)

Weird weather in Smithee-ville

It was a Quantarrhage across the Nth dimension, which spawned a dozen quantum tornadoes, one of which made the earth rotate on its axis, inadvertently moving the planet a day or so into the future.

Or possibly joelf847 friended us after the last time I checked the birthdays list.

I had the perfect movie to watch for him, too. About a D&D-type session gone horribly awry. Except that I already watched it. And there was the movie about the computer game gone horribly awry. That we watched recently.

So instead, I grabbed the movie with the best Monster Manual entry. The best old-school MM entry ... the one with Ro-Man. That would be Robot Monster.

The entire movie takes place within the fever dream of a small child. The alien Ro-Man has come down and killed off all of humanity, except for a half dozen people. They fight against Ro-Man, and primarily lose. Ro-Man is guided by his offworld boss, The Great Guidance. Eventually, Ro-Man falls for Alice (the hot scientist chick), and his boss has to kill him. And everybody else on the planet. At which point the little boy wakes up, and gee! What a strange dream!

But, you know, they had a Billion Bubble Machine, so I can't fault them for that.


About time you watched this. So, did you find any clips for future awards?
There were a number of decent possibilities. Ro-Man. The antibiotic agent which shields them all from the calciferric death ray. The "Space Platform." Almost the entire movie taking place within a dream.

And of course, Ro-Man.

(This is setting aside for the moment the discussion of what does and does not constitute a "classic" bad movie)
I'm old enough now that having my B-day being a few days in the future isn't really a bad thing. Ro-Man sounds like it was fun - though you could also have gone with the movie I mentioned to you a month or so ago - Sharks in Venice!
...if I had made the realization of your birthday earlier, I totally would have bumped Sharks in Venice to the top of my Netflix queue, and watched it on Wednesday....