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Garbage In Smithees Out

D-Day in One Week....MARK!

We got confirmation today from SWNiN that the mini Smithee box has made it to Massachusetts safe and sound. The Guru is, as I type, putting the polishing touches on the show and aims to have two hot fresh pressed Smithee 18 discs in his hands before the weekend is out. I'm typing the entry to let you all know that in exactly one week from now we will be at Smith College's ConBust putting on the first show of the Smithee 18 season. The ball is rolling, folks!

If you want to help us kick off Smithee 18, we'll be presenting on Friday at 7pm in Room 106 (according to the prelim schedule).

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Promotions Ninja



Excitement is building! I'm going to try and promote the show a bit tomorrow at WebComics Weekend (http://webcomicsweekend.com). I was there today, but only realized late in the day that I should be promoting the Smithees at Smith.

-Sean K.
OoooOooooo! You wr0XX0r SWNiN! I've been following the tweets from a few peeps at Webcomics Weekend and it sounds like it was a lot of fun. ARGH! I should have told you to take a few buttons to give out but hopefully you have thought of this already. I have a tiny smooth brain lately and am not on my Promotions Ninja game. Must to change that post haste.