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Get ready to rumble folks because this Friday we are kicking off the Smithee 18 season strong and proud out in Massachusetts. Yes indeed, you can be the very first kid on your block* to see the Smithee 18 show at Smith College's ConBust:

March 27-29 ConBust
Friday, March 27th
7pm, Room 106
Northampton, Massachusetts

*(along with all the other kids who come).

Also, appearing in other locations:

April 25
Ann Arbor, Michigan
7pm, 1800 Chem Building

May 1-3 (date and time TBD) Penguicon
Romulus, Michigan

June 25-29 Origins Game Fair
Columbus, Ohio
FRIDAY June 26
7pm (room TBD)

Hope to see a couple of you there. Anythere.