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Kung Fu instead of Ethics

Carpe Show-ium!

We're heading out to MA for the first showing of Smithee 18. Come join us if you are in the neighborhood of Northamton, MA. Smith College to be exact. Conbust starts in 6.5 hours and the Smithee Show shortly after that. We'll be in Room 106, Seelye Hall; showtime at 7pm.

We'll also be doing some panels here and there throughout the con (Friday-Sunday) so stop by and say HI! Also, there is a whole lot of other cool things going on so stop by for those too.


If the Ann Arbor contingent is driving, let me know when you pass through Cleveland. sgtrocknroll, drd2be, and I will try to arrange to pop up and meet you for a meal.

Of course, since I didn't notice this until 5 hours later, you are all probably well into PA by now... :P
Awww snap, eats would have been cool. However, Conbust has always flown us out so no driving (for which I'm actually quite happy about, MI to MA is a long trip). Thanks for the invite though.