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beware of that fucker!

A Scarecrow Slasher Movie Full of Fun

It's about time to review arkaycee's birthday movie Slash.

Slash is your typical farm dwelling Scarecrow slashing 20 somethings mutilating movie except this one has charm. Oh sure, it starts out with your obligatory randy 20 somethings whose only purpose is to set up that a scarecrow has come to life and is slashing randy 20 somethings with car troubles. Natch. If you have a scarecrow slasher movie you gotta have those two throw away characters in the beginning who are going to be gruesomely offed because otherwise how would you know that you are watching a scarecrow slasher movie? That part out of the way, the movie moves on to the next checklist item.

Can we have an estranged son who gets called back to the family homestead? Yes, yes we can. How about if all his friends decide to come along too? Yes, we can have that as well. A crazy neighbor who knows that 20 somethings are being killed off so that their blood can be fed to the corn fields? Oh yeah, throw one of those in as well. Creepy farm father? Check. Nefarious evil rumors about creepy dead grandpa? Check. Is the estranged son a dead (ha!) ringer for Creepy Evil Dead Grandpa? Of course he is. Oddly competent farm cousin?

Wait…what? That's new and indeed very refreshing. Oddly Competent Farm Cousin gives us some of the best moments of the film too. He's hick but with a wicked droll humor and just a little bit strange. Is he scarecrow strange? Mmmmaybe? Or could it be that Estranged Son, upon coming back to his childhood farm, has gone slightly off and is now taking up Creepy Evil Dead Grandpa's mantle? Or perhaps Creepy Farm Father has stepped up in his pappy's shoes to continue the work? Or maybe Creepy Evil Dead Grandpa isn't really dead? This movie does a very good job of juggling its herrings so you are never quite sure who is killing and bleeding young people for the crops.

Speaking of bleeding, the whole band - for Estranged Son is the lead singer of an up and coming band called "Slash" (ha) – doesn't get murdilated one after another until it's just the scarecrow standing out in his bloody fields. In fact more of them survive than fall victim to the scarecrow, although one of them does get threshed. Excellent use of farm equipment there.

I guess the big question on everyone's mind right now is, "Was Slash Smithee worthy?" Oh yes. Fear not, we got some good Alases, we might have a stupid, and we have some good one liners. Slash is good, but high end Smithee good. You might want to pick it up to enjoy it but you might also be seeing a few clips in Smithee shows yet to come.

Yay Slash!