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Interim Smithee Report

I know I owe y'all a Conbust report but I'm being hampered by doing the technical fiddly bits to the few pictures I took plus I've got the winter plague. I has a terrible hate for hourlies who come in all plague drippy and give me their disease. I will get the Conbust pics and report up by the end of this week though.

There are only 2 more weekends until the Ann Arbor show! I don't have any SLM puppets made up yet. I don't even have all the material! It is, however, a simple design so they should go lickety split fast once we (we = primarily Dort because I am a sewing machine simpleton) get down to puppet business. Most of the ballot packs are done though, I think I just have to chotchky (?) about 30 more of them and figure out how to get them all in a Xerox box (yes, lunargeography and badmovie, those same 30 packs have been loafing about the living room untouched since we did the big ballot packing of '09). Buttons? All the buttons for A2 have been printed, some are punched out and none are made up. I have posted several flyers though, I'll go button those when I get to pressing.

SHOW! The Conbust show went well but we did find some technical oddities on the DVD that need to be addressed. For some reason, the words "Stupidest Looking Monster" never showed up on the animation bit. Why? The Guru has some pretty sound theories and will be looking into that this week so the A2 show should have the proper titles show up when they should. Fortunately, I don't think any of the clips had problems.

I think it would have been funnier if it had been the Whoops category that got messed up, but that's just me.

FOODZ! Iron Chef Smithee sent me a shopping list for Sam's club with the last item being: "anything else that strikes your fancy as Smithee-esque". Oh HO! This is going to be fun! I'm also open to suggestions if anyone has a particular Smithee-esque thing they've seen around. I'm not guaranteeing anything but if you amuse me with your suggestion, I might just go find that item and pick it up. Also, since we're back in 1800 Chem this year, we thought we might change things up a bit in terms of food and lay out the spread in the back.

Pros: People aren't trafficking all down in the front area; more table space for stuff; we don't have to haul everything to the bottom of the room.

Cons: If I remember correctly, the back rows are not contiguous across the whole room so the food may be split up on either side; food further away from sink which makes clean up more exerting; you back seat sitters will have to move forward a row or two. Ice? Where to put it!

Indifferent: Walking up to get snacks shouldn't be a thing since people have been walking up to get back to their seats for years now so I'm not going to count it as a con.

PENGUICON: Is the very next weekend after the A2 chow. YIKES!



The real question, of course, is whether or not we will be able to train people to drop off their donated food at the back row.

Oh, and what best to do with ice, as ... no sink.
A sign at the bottom directing new foods to the top might do the trick. Or people sitting in the usual food table places might also do the trick.

Ice...hmmm! Coolers? Ours has wheels! Will give this more thinks!
Perhaps drinks (and ice) in the middle, in front of the partition, and "food" to either side.

Today, the pond. Tomorrow, the world!

That is ... three this year. Plus the Ann Arbor show. A new record.