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Happy Birthday to...US!

So...it appears as if the Smithee Awards has a birthday in April. Why not? It's a good month and so far, no Smithee LJ friends are claiming April for their birthday. I was going to just ignore the one con and the Smithee Awards in general and move on to May but the Earl thought it would be funny to watch a movie for a con so he did. Which means we really ought to watch a movie for us. Thus, I asked each of the Smithee Supreme Committee Members and their spouses to pick a movie to watch for the Smithee awards birthday. Now I'm asking you to pick from each of these eight excellent movies and choose the one overarching Smithee movie to watch for the ceremonies themselves.

Poll #1380295 Smithee Awards Birthday Movie Poll
This poll is closed.

Choose the method of our distruction!

Drunken Tai Chi

[Aww crum, you can't edit a poll once it's posted. Or at least I can't. Here is the correct link for Drunken Tai Chi]


Definitely "Warriors of the Wasteland".

Um wait, I just checked the link. This isn't the one with Battle Trucks. But on the other hand, it's Italian! I still vote for this one.
Ah, OK. I was thinking of "Warlords of the 21st Century". Nevermind.

But I still vote for the Italian Mad Max ripoff.

BTW, I've got Wot21stC on VHS if anybody is interested.
Battle Trucks? Hee. Yeah, we'd borrow it and watch it. Maybe even for your birthday movie ifn you want.


My vote goes to 99 and 44/100% Dead! When I saw that title on the Badmovie unwatched list, I knew it had to be watched!

-Sean K.
If my Smithee BF hadn't been in Post Impact I would have voted for 99 and 44/100% dead because...HA!

I'll note your vote on the official voting thingie. OF DOOM!