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Alien What

SPAM Awesomeness

I just got a spam that said:
Your python will be able to work for days without a rest!

and I thought, "Are they talking about One, Two or vs. Boa?"


Just think if the Soul Vengeance guy had that stuff!
Do I have to? I don't want THAT working for days!
Or is it a Mega Python?

My first thought when I saw that was that it was a post in one of my tech channels, and that they were selling programming enhancement pills. I'm such a geek.
LOLZ! Make your computer system-y thing work harder! I didn't even think of Python the computer thing.

They haven't made a Mega-python yet, maybe this is how it all gets started?
I would just like to point out that I refrained from making a Soul Vengenance comment. Thanks Sylon, for doing it for me! <3 (or however the hell you make a heart on the internet)
Ha ha, glad my intrinsic crassness could help out. And it was nice to meet you, Stalker Patti! :)
Nice meeting you, too!!! Hope to see you again soon :)