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Smithee Prep Part...2?

This weekend was chock full of Smitheelicious prep. Here's a sneak peek of this year's SLM puppet (this one's mine...he's a bit damaged. On the other hand, I now know how to properly hot glue googly eyes so the rest of the Chupas have appropriately rattly eyeballs). This is what Dort and I did Saturday so you A2 peeps have about two weeks to hone your name writing skillz if you want to take home one of these critters.

Ballot packs? DONE babE! 339 of them, just in case we have a freak influx of Smithee Audience this year. I'm expecting I'll have leftovers for Penguicon.

Speaking of Penguicon, we have a date! Saturday, 8pm in the Columbia room. I'll post that separately so I can use our new SmitheeTux icon. Heh.

Buttons! They is done for the A2 show. We hit the chem building today and distributed buttonage and posterage so if you want a button preshow, hope all the students haven't napped them by now. I ordered more blanks for the Penguicon buttons (which are all punched as of tonight) and the Origins buttons (all but the ninja button are punched out. Oh, and we have to make the trashcan button but that's the easiest one of the lot to do). I have an extra added Origins surprise this year so I ordered a lot of lot of buttons. Muahahahahahahaha!

Next weekend is a Sam's club food run and then...we coast through the week until Saturday.

BTW! If you haven't voted in the movie poll and don't particularly like marsupials, you should cast your vote for your non-marsupial movie of choice. I'm closing the poll Wednesday so that gives you two more days to try and deseat the howling pouchies. On the other hand, if you love you some marsupes, this is also your chance to ensure their first place victory. Either way, vote!

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Goat Sucker Hearder Ninja