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Beach Blanket Ninja

Smithee Ninja News

I'ma going to close the "Pick us a birthday movie" poll at midnightish tonight so vote while you can. At the moment it's a dead heat against almost but not quite dead and howling marsupials (an anon voter brings the numbers up to 5 each). If you haven't voted and are not a fan of "this side of dead" or pocket creatures, you have very little time left. On the other hand, if three of you vote for Post Impact or Warriors of the Wasteland than we'll have a 3 way tie. That's a lot of birthday movieage.

Didja see the side bar? I figured out how to add personal linkage. It only took me over a year. :PP There will be a couple more sites to come so keep an eye out on the side for fun and entertainment.

Buttons! We hit Angell Hall and MLB yesterday with buttonage including the new ninja button (see the icon). We have ninjas! We also have trashcans. In fact, we have all the button designs up and designed.

I am planning on having a fist full of buttons to take to the A2 show. If you catch me before intermission and ask nicely for a button, I'll give you one. After intermission I'm going to disperse them as I see fit. Did you know buttons and Frisbees are similarly shaped?

Anything else? Oh yeah, show sign in 10 days.

1800 Chem building
7pm until the show is done