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smithee food

Giant Pixie Stix Saviors

Last year Iron Chef Smithee noted that the local haunts weren't carrying GPSs anymore so he asked the general Smith-ka-teer crowd to keep an eye out for them. My mom and Mr. Paul came through and single handedly saved Smithee 17 from being giant pixie stixless when they found then at the Brighton Costco.

This year the GPS famine is even wider spread and the Giant Pixie Stix herds that had once stretched from horizon to horizon have quietly disappeared the way of the Dodo or the Passenger Pigeon. Not even the once fertile grounds of Brighton yielded up a Box of Stix, we were afraid that the Giant Pixie Stix had become extinct. Then, by luck and good fortune, My mom and Mr. Paul happened to be in Toledo, Ohio at a Sam's club there and what should they find? The last remaining GPS colony possibly in the Midwest. Once again, they have saved the A2 Smithees snack table from a terrible lack of Giant Pixie Stix.

So, when you grab your Giant Pixie Stix and suck out the sugary goodness, give a good thought towards Ohio and the nurturing climate which has allowed the Giant Pixie Stix to survive there during these harsh times. You might also thank Mr. Paul and my mom for finding the Stix and braving the Ohio wilds to bring them back to you, although I'm not so sure how keen my mom is about being called a "Pixie Sitx Savior". She did say she wouldn't mind being called a Pixie Stix Princess though.



Okay but were a breeding pair left in the wild to reproduce, or will giant Pixy Stix go the way of giant Pocky??

Don't forget the i-Peep Classics! They're still on mah desk!
Doah! Breeding pair.

Doah! Peepwich horrors.

For the trifecta, I forgot to drop off the GPSs at Iron Chef Smithee's house on the way home.

The ninja, it does nothing!
Yay Mom and Mr. Paul!!!
Methinks the Pixy Stix Princess needs a tiara...
At the very least, a Giant Pixie Stix wand...