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Ninja Grass

Because a Few of You Asked

If you have been wanting to sport your own Smithee wear but were afraid to ask (or hunt through the archives because YIKES!) we now have it conveniently linked over on the side bar. I tell you, once I figure something out there's no stopping me! Who knows what I'll link next!

-YFNPN and the Guru, bringing you your Smithee wear fix.


I wear my pink shirt with pride! I have gotten questions on it and people tend to love the concept of the Smithees!!
I am forgetted; did you get the standard Smithee Trash can or a Norbert shirt? Norbert in pink is really cute.

Heh, I love it when my promotions Ninja job is carried out by other people. Go PNiTs* go!


*(Promotion Ninjas in Training)
I can has the "I stayed up all night to watch the end of THIS?" shirt. I wear this and peoplez say "WANT!! Can I has??" And I say "NOOOOO CANNOT HAVE!! DO NOT WANT you to have!!" And the Ceiling Cat smiles and all is Good.

I have my puppet on my dresser and I often wonder what the cleaning people think when they come in to clean. I mean, what must they think?!?! (I know it's horribly bourgeois to have cleaning people, but they are inexpensive and use all natural stuff. I really really hate cleaning!)