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Beach Blanket Ninja

Ann Arbor Smithee 18 Show

Welcome to the show everyone! We were back in our old haunt 1800 Chem this year but decided to enact a couple of changes. Our brief stint in MLB gave us food for thought...

And that thought was to put the food in the back. I was a tad skeptical at first since I didn't remember exactly how 1800 Chem was arranged and I feared there wouldn't be enough mingle space around the food tables. I worry for nothing, the back of the auditorium is pretty spacious. We wound up using the last three tables on each side which had some good flow space and also a ton of real estate.

There's half of the savory snacks on a table unto themselves and half of the sweety snacks on their own table and a like sized table (which I didn't photograph) held half the drinks. The other side of the auditorium was likewise festooned and I think it worked out much better. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it appeared to us that all y'all rather liked being able to pop back and collect munchies any old time. If I remember correctly, there was usually a pretty large snack acquiring surge during counting and not so much when the Guru is doing the clips thing. The new set up allowed everyone to have at snacks without feeling like they were interrupting the show and also, because we had a lot more table space, there wasn't any food bunching that I saw. Y'all ate us out of house and auditorium.

We are sorry for our short sightedness on the drinks. Our bad, notes were noted and next year we'll try to be a little more drink-y.

Another change: The ballot counters decided to set up camp at the back as well. From a ballot collector point of view, I think I liked the ballot counters in the back, although it shouldn't matter that much. If they are at the bottom, I hover at the top. When they were at the top I stationed myself at the bottom for I am truly a lazy ballot ninja. I prefer to only make one up and down trip on those damned stairs. HATE!

I will have to ask our ballot counters if proximity to snacks is a factor for determining counting location. It's mighty suspicious, don't you think?

Set up went particularly fast thanks to a few early birds who pitched in with the miscellaneous set up stuff. And when I say early birds, I think our first peeps arrived around 6:15. Snacks weren't even out of the carrying bags by then!

The first year I noticed this lady and her gent, they had a stuffed octopus with them as well. The next year it was a fish. This year they decided to downsize so they brought...

A Hermit crab! These people crack me up.

I laughed at these people too because they were loitering around the whole time we were busy as bees setting up and I thought they were maybe some students or something hanging around after a review session. Nope, they were just waiting until everything was ship shape before entering. I had to take their picture then and dub them the Slackers, at which point one of them said "This is going on the blog isn't it?" Oh yes, it is.

Man I hate my camera sometimes. Here's somewhere around 225 of you enjoying the show in your blurry state.

And here is an over exposed shot of yous (271 total audience members throughout the night) from another angle. That's all you get, blurry or washed out/embedded in darkness. I never said I was an awesome picture ninja.

Now for a little show business. We started about five after seven because it's a long show this year (2 hours 20 minutes of just clips if I remember correctly). I already mentioned our high vote count was 225, which is the second best A2 vote total ever (congratulations all y'all, you sort have gone down in history) but our low count did set a record: 180 was the count for Most Ludicrous Premise and that's an all time high low for A2. MLP is traditionally the lowest category because it's the starter category. Our blow out category (172 votes for the top clip, 15 for the next highest clip) was Inane Dialogue while the winner of What?! eked out the top spot by only 7 votes. We only had one clip zero out and Texmexium got a vote for worst picture. You write-in people are pretty funny.

OH! Here's a Smithee first! A poem from one of you to us (or the Smithee world in general)

Smithee Haiku 2

Pink spider in bag
Ballot kit and a pen, too
Unbeatable fun

Woooo! We got unbeatable fun AND spiders!

See? Unbeatable!

Someone mentioned that they were sad that the Incredible Shrinking School Bus Whoops! from Terror Squad didn't make the cut. It did make the original clip culling along with three other Whoops!es but Canindiana was the only one to survive. Sometimes you have to make the hard decisions and leave the School bus on the editing room floor.

During Worst Cover, I heard someone shout out just after the Guru read the first line of Western Palace's backsposition "Just give it the award already". You lot were very amused by the Power Hungry Wang!

We also had giveaways again.

Here are the post intermission winners (or the "Hey! Come back! We have (unbeatable) fun prizes!" winners). This year's puppet is a Chupacabra, the fine looking button holder is something I snagged off of the treats table. I know, tacky but also Smithee-esque!

Post show pre results-counted we had another set of drawings. The Earl had a copy of Survivor: Pinata Island and from the sound of things, the audience was really enthused about this give away. Here is our proud winner of Xander and the killer pinata movie.

Here are the set of magnets winner and the post show Chupa winner. There was a bit of a kerfuffle since Griffin Two (shown above) only wrote his first name as did Griffin One. Both Griffins voted for the same thing so Griffin One boldly came down to verify the handwriting. It was not his and he fessed up to it, going home heartbroken and Chupaless. *sniff* We were pretty darned impressed and also, for whatever reason, we made extra Chupas this year. Griffin One will be getting a Chupa in the mail for being honest when cute and suckery was on the line. Bravo Griffin One!

The overabundance of Chupas is a freak thing this year only so words to the wise: Write your full name on the ballot. Even if you think, "What are the odds of someone else having my unusual name?" write it all out.

Thanks for coming out for another schlock filled Ann Arbor Smithee Show! You guys wrock.
-Your Friendly Neighborhood Promotions Ninja

"Hmmm, Brussels Sprouts soda. I have not tried this one."

"Gyaaaaaahhhhhgle! Wow, that's not good. Oddly, it's not the worst tasting one either..."


That's it... If I ever stop going to Columbus, I'm immediately starting to go to A2. ;)
You could do both...first one's free (and full of Jone's Sodas).

Actually, the A2 show is the only truly free show since it isn't part of a convention (which would really like you to buy a ticket even if just for the day).

In fact, if you come up for the A2 MegaMetas you can have another night free at Origins.
I could do both, but that would require driving to Ann Arbor and Columbus both in one year.

You mean "Attend the Ann Arbor MegaMeta Smithee Awards, and you can play at Origins on MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY"? ;P
True, but we do that every year. Of course we live in A2 so there is that :P

Baur? You confused a ninja with your devious Monday. I was talking not blocking both Friday night and Saturday night for Smithees. It kinda sucks and I gotta do it (two shows = so much work!). Besides, we run the A2 MegaMetas in the fall/winter of the previous year so you'd get a leg up on the MegaMeta action. I mean, who doesn't want to visit Michigan in November! Uhhh wait...

Edited at 2009-04-28 05:48 pm (UTC)
What, leave you to do all the running around and button making by yourselves?

I was going to bring gear to help collect ballots this year, just in case you needed an extra volunteer. Like I'd go to A2 just to blow off a Columbus show later. ;)
YAY! This town needs more dagoski. There were indeed a lot of people, but our one time freak high remains 243. 225 is right about on the high end of my "expected target audience", given a growth of about 10 to 15 people a year. I expect in 3 to 4 years 243 won't seem so huge, which is a cool but scary thought.
That was so much fun!!! I was there and had a blast!!!
Woot! It's always good to hear that the audience had fun. Are you a first timer or a Smithee reoccurrence?

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Promotions Ninja
It was my first time!
Bravo for surviving your first Smithee Awards! :)
oo I'm in that blurry picture! The front row of that blurry picture to be exact! Wonderful time. My roommate has attended the last few years, and she finally dragged me along...and thank goodness for that! It was an amazing night of not-studying for exams! thank you!
Excellent! Gold stars for your roommate for bringing in a new victim Smithee audience member! Gold stars for you too because gold stars are fun! Extra double bonus for taking a "study break" - learning in moderation is good for something brain cells something. Or so THEY say!