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smithee food

A Poll for You A2 Smithee Show Goers

I wanted to get a general audience opinion of changing up the snack location to the back of the auditorium. From a behind the scenes point of view we liked the snacks in the back. It meant less lugging for us and a lot less food hassle because there was more space to spread out. I think that more people got to see what was available so things got eaten faster and drunk MUCH faster than we expected. Note to us: More drinks next year. I also think snacks in the back made it easier for people to go nom grazing any old time but I don't actually know if that was a factor. So I ask you:

Poll #1392405 Scack Location

Snacks placement in the back of Chem 1800 was

Very cool
Not so cool
I don't really have an opinion
There were snacks?

Feel free to also add any comments you like, otherwise we'll just assume snacks in teh back wr0XX0red. As always, anonymous input (i.e. non LJ enabled folk) is most welcome as well.

-YFNPN and general curious Smithee crew

[edited to add: That should be "snack" location poll, not sack location poll. On the other hand, the sacks we had were in the same place as the snacks, but I don't think y'all cared about that so much.]


Really didn't make any difference to me.
The snack table in the back sounds like a good idea; it was the concept of putting the counting table at the back that shocked me. For me, a great deal of the fun of the Smithees is watching the audience reaction, which sort of necessitates being on the stage (and I guess the A2 audience doesn't demand vote counts the way the Columbus audience does)..
The thing about university auditoria is that the seats tend to be attached, and all facing the same direction. Since year three in one of the MLB Lecture Rooms (which I believe is when I took over counting), I've faced forward in Ann Arbor.

The other thing is that, at least for the past few years, most categories have literally had no dead time for audience watching.

That said, I really did enjoy watching people at Penguicon.