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wanna run

Very Much So Belated ConBust Write-up

Holy MOLEY Batman, did I totally blow off the ConBust recap? Well crimony! Your Promotions Ninja is indeed slackeriffic because it's been what...a month? I fire me!

Man we love ConBust. It's this awesome little convention with great people putting it on and awesome guests...plus they let us attend! This year started out a little nicer since we managed to score a direct flight from Detroit to Hartford. It's a little over an hour of air time so we not only got to sleep in longer on Friday but we arrived with plenty of boogering time. The hotel was pretty nice too and right across the street from Mr. Donut and down the road from Dunkin Donuts. We were covered for all our donut needs (but not covered in donuts...although we could have been I expect).

Pretty soon though, it came time to wander on back and get the show rocking.

Here's more or less 35 Smithee Smithies.

Less or more of you. Our low count was 27 so not a bad rate of steadiness.

All of our events, starting with the Smithee Awards were in room 106 which had the "What time is it Mr. Clock" clock. I'm not even sure this thing kept to a single timezone. Very disorienting indeed.

That did not keep our intrepid counter from counting or you snackers from snacking. Sean Whose Name is Nate did us proud again for the third year running since he was the main provider for the Snack Table Jr. snacks. Peanut butter Whoppers are the BOMB yo! They were almost too good to have at the show. Yummmm. The leftovers may not have made it as far as the consuite. On the other hand, Steak & Worcestershire Sauce chips? Yeah, I'm pretty sure they went tripping to the consuite afterwards and they probably stayed there untouched the whole time. Actually, that's not true. By Sunday there was only the Boston Baked beans left but I think I've figured out why ConBust invites us back: Bad leftover snacks!

Well, it could be.

It certainly isn't for our uplifting material. Check it out: Soul shot! I got one at ConBust!

The first half of the show got off to a rather slow start but eventually we were clipping along. Security was pretty cool about our cutting the end time down to the midnight wire but make it we did. I was pretty impressed; it's a long show this year.

We thought we would go out for booz and food but alas, no booz. Food though, after-show wind down was at an awesome greasy spoon all night diner. Mmmm.

Smithies and Smithees. We had a great time, thanks for inviting us!
-Your Friendly Neighborhood Promotions Ninja