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quixotic & grimly whimsical

T-Minus One Day and Counting Plus Shameless Con Plug

That's right, it's time once again for the show promotional blah blah blah

Penguicon Smithees
May 2nd (tomorrow!)
Columbia Room

We've got some show swag plus if you nab one of us in and around the con we'll have buttons for the giving away. Speaking of the con, has anyone had a chance to look at what's going on? I'm a little bummed that the CandyFaber broke. On the other hand, that leaves me more time to decide if I want to go see a panel on Forensics, or see the liquid nitrogen ice cream, or listen to Will Wheaton (GoH) do a reading, or do beer tasting, or maybe learn about composting. That's just the tip of the ice berg in terms of scheduling. It seems like Pengucon is more "Things Geeks Like to DO" which is totally cool by me.