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Sooooo...Whacha Doing at 8p.m. Tonight?

We're putting on a bad movie audience participation show called The Smithee Awards. Maybe you've heard of us?

It's about 30 minutes until we wade back into the fun chaos of Penguicon and then another 10 hours until we have to stop being first time con oglers and start being Smith-ka-teers and present the first ever Penguicon Smithee Awards. I hope people come!

Speaking of the Show, We're on tonight from 8 until midnight plus in the Columbia room. You can stop by for the whole thing or just parts but I'll tell you a little secret: We know the real reason Will Wheaton wasn't able to make it to the convention.

If you find us wandering the con and want a button, feel free to come up and ask. Your first one's free.

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Promotions Ninja