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Movies We're Watchin'

Did I mention Cinco de Mayo?

Or even that yesterday was chaosvizier's birthday? Cinco de Chaosvizier as it were, although I expect CV is a tad older than 5. We had a bit of a to do trying to pick out a birthday movie and finally settled on Casablanca Express. It was the closest international thing we could get to. Review sometime lateresque.


That's ok, thanks to a few margaritas, chaosvizier forgot it was his birthday as well. Ole!

Also, thanks for not making my birthday movie "Sugar Cookies." That means a lot. ;-)
I'm not sure whether to be sad for you that you missed your birthday or jealous that you drank enough margaritas to forget your birthday.

As a Smithee rule, we don't watch movies that have already been nominated. Sequels we haven't done, on the other hand, are fair game. I wonder if there is a Sugar Cookies 2? ;)