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Smithee Blur

Smithee Nite Out: May 09

Just a little local remindery - we're going to be gathering this Saturday at the Corner Brewery in Ypsi for the May edition of Smithee Nite out. The Guru went poking through the directions for Vapor's Gambit; a "screaming hoverboard racing" game for 2-6 players. This is the odd little game we picked up for pretty cheap at the Penguicon Charity Auction and after learning the gameplay, I think it might come with us to the Corner. Any game with a "Woah!" chit is good by me and it seems pretty straight forward - sort of like the bastard child of Mille Bornes, Cthulhu 500 and some random tile playing race game.

To recap:
Corner Brewery
8pm onward

Vapor's Gambit playing optional


We'll be there, but we just found out that the first game of the Stanley Cup finals is that night...so we might be glued to the TV!
Hockey Shmockey, everyone knows the real action is with VAPOR'S GAMBIT!!1! :P

Hopefully they'll have the Guru's mug done!