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smithee food

The Deed Is Done

We made Grilled Cheese Cake Sandwiches the other day because...well why not? OK, other than they are exTREMEly rich and can probably shave 3-4 years off of your life expectancy just looking at them let alone eating them but you only live once right?


And they tasted awesome, I presume?
Oh indeed they were tasty...but probably the kind of tasty where you invite a bunch of people over to have half a sammich so everyone gets to try it and you are not left with an amazing amount of cheesecake and pound cake. It's a "You gotta try this once!" sort of treat rather than a "Have all the time" treat.
I'm not sure what I was picturing, but I wasn't picturing these. These look good!! Looks like a "sometimes food", as they say on Sesame Street.