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sean says hi

Like Sean Whose Name is Nate

Orcas can appear anywhere. So for his birthday, which is today, we're watching a revenge movie starring an orca and Richard Harris. Review later when we find out who wins.


Movie done! And we have a question for all of you out there: If you were stuck on an iceberg in the north Atlantic being stalked by a vengeful orca and only had one flavor of Faygo to last you through the ordeal, what flavor would that be?


Woot, my favorite of the diets I think, faygo does a dynamite diet orange.
Faygo's Diet Key Lime Pie was awesome, but I haven't seen it on the shelves in ages, so I will say: Rock 'n' Rye.
Rock 'n' Rye is a good personal second for me. I like how it's sort of red colored but kinda not plus I have no idea what flavor it's supposed to be. Tasty though.
OooOOooo! Good point. I can't decide if I'd go with my favorite for actually drinking while waiting the orca out (root beer!) or, supposing I happened to also have some sort of black light emitter on me, go with diet peach for the shiny! glowy amusement to pass the time.
Rock'n'Rye, followed by Red Pop. I mean, come on, they can't call it Strawberry Pop...they call it *red* pop. That's awesome.
Red pop only if I were trying to get the orca to drink it soas to think *I* tasted like that and thereby discourage death by toothy aquatic mammal. Red pop tastes like ass!
As they said in Trancers 4, "How do you know?"
I have an overactive imagination.


Thanks for the birthday honor. I await the review with 'bait'-ed breath.

As for the Faygo flavor, it might as well be Diet Chocolate Cream Pie.

-Sean K.
Rock'n'Rye, definitely.
Diet Grape. All the way.