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Garbage In Smithees Out

30 Minutes Ago...

it was exactly 2 weeks until the Origins Smithee show, the last show of 2009. Here's a gentle reminder that the show is on FRIDAY this year and that we'll be in the super awesome big bad room of [cue reverb]infinite seating (Ballroom 3).

[Edited: Apparently the start time is now 8pm...which I have sneakily fixed.] [Re-edited: In fine fashion the time was always really 7pm but...umm...well now this post is right. Again. Re-re-edited: Back in Ballroom 3, like we never left. stoopid internets]



If the time stamp on your entry is accurate, that appears to be not correct. The con schedule lists the Smithees as running 8:00 pm - 1:45 am, rather than the usual 7:00 to midnight.

And we all know that the advance schedule is never, ever, ever wrong.
Huh, I swear my time schedule said 7pm (or military equivalent). Huh, it looks like they have revamped the site a bit because I got my info off of a Excel spreadsheet and that's not available now. OK then, THIS schedule says 8pm, will update post accordingly.
There is an Excel spreadsheet (now linked off this page -- http://www.originsgamefair.com/2009-origins/events), but that also says 8:00.

Although I totally believe that their was an earlier Excel spreadsheet somewhere else that said a different time.
And in keeping with the times, the original Excel spreadsheet apparently was right...or psychic. I've re-edited to the new time and place according to June 18th, 5pmish or so.