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Do Not Want (new can)


The Smith-ka-teers have a running joke about the Origins Smithee Show and it goes something like "When everything goes according to plan, that's a sure sign that the Apocalypse is on the way." I just wanted to let you all know that we're safe from the end of the world for another year because I *just* got word that our room got changed from Ballroom 3 to The Regency Ballroom is Ballroom 3. This is not the room change you are looking for. You can go about your business.. So, the current show spam should read:

Origins Smithee Show
Friday, June 26th
Regency Ballroom Ballroom 3
7pm to midnight plus

That is all. You may return to your normal Thursday afternoon schedule.


We were talking about this for the A2 Smithee 21 show and there is an evil plan a-foot to perhaps serve appropriate drinkage at the A2 show (keeping in mind the humor of the A2 Smith-ka-teers and the fact that the A2 Smithees are held in a University building. I'm giggling right now just thinking about it).
It will definitely have to be called the Chupa:Cabra Sauce. Or ZombieLakeWater. Or something similar.

Perhaps that is a game that can be played with the free Drury alcohol this year? Make the ultimate Smithee Beverage? Just my being there adds 3 extra tries since I'm always the DD (Designated Dragger).
You and me both. There should be booz-aplenty for the Designated Drinkers.