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quixotic & grimly whimsical

May I Have Your Attention Please

Would the real Origins Smithee Awards room please stand up?
I repeat, Would the real Origins Smithee Awards room please stand up?

Hi again, this is your Promotions Ninja with the newest news about the change in room location. It looks like we've just been bounced back to Ballroom 3 as of this morning. We're still, also as of this morning, on at 7pm (which is different than the Origins Official posted 8pm - they are working on changing that) except we've yo-yoed back to the original room location. So now the show spam reads:

Origins Smithee Awards XVIII: Full Groan
Friday, June 26th
Ballroom 3
7pm to midnight plus


You know... You could just hold every other award in each ballroom...

Ludicrous Premise - Ballroom 3 - 7:00PM
Oblivious - Regency Ballroom - 7:15PM
WRTBMA - Ballroom 5 - 7:30PM
LUTRT"R" - Ballroom 3 - 7:45PM


It's one sure-fire way to get a geek to exercise. ;)
Shhhhh! Don't give them any ideas (as amusing as they are)!
What if I want to give them ideas?
Don't make me ninja smack you.
Don't make me take away my drink card. :P
I thought they had you move the show to Fridays with the promise of the Grand Ballroom?
That may have been the thread of thought last June when this idea was hatched, but I suspect GAMA's technical problems this year might be occupying its mind a bit more.


Gotta wonder if enough people complained about getting screwed out of the ballroom last year that the Origins clowns decided to keep screwing with your room in an effort to end the Smithees once and for all, considering the Smithees are more popular than the Origins awards...

Re: Intentional.

Eh...I'm not ready to go all medieval of GAMA quite yet. They've had some pretty substantial technical problems this year and I wouldn't be surprised if they lost quite a lot of data and are still scrambling to get it all back.