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Origins Smithee 18 Wrap-up

Hello Smitheeites, happy End of Smithee 18. I’m still in Columbus and don’t have my full photo abilities with me so pics, which I took a goodly number of, will have to wait until we’re back home. The write up, however, can proceed apace.

Our first order of changed up business...other than the overabundance of show time/place confusion was that we lost Count von Count due to a family emergency. We did some scrambling and pulled lunargeography off the floor to count ballots and drafted our newest collector: Captain Ballot! Everyone, this is hiromasaki as his highly competent alter ego. Uhhh...was that a secret identity? Umm...MOVING ON!

Thanks everyone who made it out to watch the show despite the Smithee awards not being listed in the con schedule at first. Then being listed as being in Ballroom 3 – no wait, The Hyatt Ballroom – No sorry, it was ballroom 3 all along. And definitely starting at 8pm except 8 is really 7. Oi! Let’s not even talk about the cold front that came through and settled in around Alas. You Smitheeites who toughed it out are awesome. So are you Smitheeites who dropped in for a category or two. In fact, everyone is awesome (except maybe Sarah Corbin); thanks for making our Smithee 18 season so much fun.

Our high vote count was 275 while our max heads warped was 345. I blame the start time issues for that, there was quite a lot of straggling in at the beginning of the show.

We started out the show with special Origins only buttons this year: We stuffed the ballot packs with Chupas or Cabras. You all like to chant it so we thought we’d add a little something something for you to chant for. Or against and chant you did. We were especially amused when we took a survey of Chupas or Cabras and someone plaintively called out, “I’m surrounded by Cabras.” Sadly we never saw that person again but all in all there weren’t too many turf wars. When you’re a Cabra, you’re a Cabra all the way.

We had the usual drawings for buttons and Chupacabras after intermission.

A fist full of Smithee 18 buttons

and a few...chupas more?

and then more winners after the show but before worst pic (and what’s with the U.S.A. chanting for peeing on the table? You people are beginning to worry me!)

More buttons go home thanks to M&M Mars.

The green Chupa finds a home.

And the peas of resistance: A copy of Pinata: Survival Island.

Wait…what were the show winners you ask? My winners, let me show you them!

MLP: "Piñata: Survival Island " - Sorority/Fraternity competition triggers ancient curse and awakens a Piñata full of EVIL.
Oblivious: "Atomic Rulers of the World" – I’m not sure where the kid went but he certainly can’t be in this open top barrel. I guess I’ll look elsewhere.
Wanna Run: "13 Seconds" – The one with the minion is Adremelek. Oh. What the Fuck does THAT mean?”
LUtRtR: "Evil Come Evil Go" - I want a TV show, let me see you naked Sister Penny.
Alas: "Humanoids from the Deep " – Smoking kills (an explosion so nice, Roger Cormen used it twice!)
Deus Ex: "Troll 2" – Oh my Deus has a first name, it’s O-S-C-A-R…
SLM: "The Killer Shrews" – Cocker Spaniels with wigs, RARH!
Worst Science: "Unknown World " - The earth is hollow and cooler on the inside and they'll get there in a mumblemumble..
Best One Liner: "Wizards of the Demon Sword " - "FOOLPROOF PLANS ARE HARD TO COME BY, SON!"
Worst Cover: "Western Palace " – In ancient China, eunuchs possessed a great deal of influence and the power-hungry Wang was no exception.
Overkill: "Bloodmoon " - Pierced, slashed, kicked through a wall, smacked into a vase, jumped on and blown up.
Inane Dialogue: "13 Seconds" - "You’ve had this recurring dream before?"
Whoops: "Terror Squad " - Somewhere near the Canadian border just off the coast of Indiana (Canadiana?).
What?!?: "The Monster of Camp Sunshine " - The most heavily defended nudist camp thanks to the prolific use of stock footage.
AAS: "Troll 2" – Taunting the Goblins to win the girl’s favor. “Listen up you dwarfs…”
Worst f/x: "Trancers 6" – Trancer falls out of the postcard.
Worst Ending: "Grave of the Vampire " – THE END OR IS IT?
Worst Acting: "13 Seconds" - Sarah Corbin (Iwasreadingthisbook, andithadsomenumbersinit, and, itshowedalotofpeople
Worst Picture: "Troll 2" – You don’t piss on hospitality.

Only one clip zeroed out…at all 4 shows (ouch…I’m going to keep the clip anonymous so as to not hurt its feelings) and the Syngenor award went to Alien Dead. Maybe you all finally understand country music but you all are not falling for letting in the zombie parasites. Good on you! Keep up the good work not being zombies and we’ll see you next year.

…and remember



We were watching *good* movies at our house tonight, but I was thinking of you!!!!
You are so thoughtful. We have yet to watch a good movie since...ummm...well there was a Smithee movie that turned out to be too good (Man-Thing) but I'm not sure that counts.



Thanks very much for putting the ceremonies one again. The Monster of Camp Sunshine was my favorite and I don't think I can look at corn the same way again. :)

Re: Thanks

That was some Hard Pore Corn.

Re: Thanks

I would have though it was hard pour corn...

Re: Thanks

The best part about MoCS was that Troll 2 had an incredibly strong what (When did I eat corn??!?) and we could see people thinking Troll 2 had it in the bag (I found a lot of discarded ballots when I cleaned out the Smithee box Monday) and then. Then! Monster of Camp Sunshine. It just kept going...I'm wondering if the film makers wanted every movie war to be represented.
I had a blast as always!
Ach! I missed saying hi to you I believe. Sadness. Glad you had a good time.
I didn't think to ask which Smithkateers were behind the LiveJournals.
Most of us. Even I often have no idea who the various smithee_awards posts are from.
I always try to use one of the ninja icons when I post, or sign YFNPN at the bottom when I go icon crazy.

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Promotions Ninja

Edited at 2009-07-01 12:27 am (UTC)
Well, then. Perhaps I ought to figure out a good way to identify myself next year..

Thanks for adding popcorn to my list of never seeing the same way again ;)

I still can't see the smiley face as just a smiley face.
FISH! Heh, I love replying to chupa with that. Awesome icon btw, very hee. I myself have issues with latex critters and...well let's just say that Basket Case 2 still gives me the glugs.



Edited at 2009-06-30 01:37 pm (UTC)