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Screaming Hoverboard Racing!

Short Notice: Smithee Nite Out Sorta

This is a sort of informal Smithee Nite out month because we're going to be changing up the Smithee Nite concept just a tad. Saturday, July 4th is your last day to hang with the Smithee Crowd as part of "Smithee Nite Out" (the usual 8pm at the Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti). Come Saturday, July 32nd (what?) we'll be reorganizing Smithee Nite Out into Dinner and a Smithees. The only real difference being we'll be starting a whole lot earlier so you out of towners can conceivably make an evening of it and so the Earl, who is working nights now, can come for a bit as well. Stay tuned for more info on the revamp of Smithee Nite but for now, if you want to come hang and play some games, The Guru and your promotions Ninja will definitely be at the Brewery on Independence Day. Possibly with Vapor's Gambit in tow because we scored a (free!) second copy and have an awesome amount of track now.



Oh poo! We'll have to break our perfect attendance record...Jeff and I have two parties to go to that night :( Sorry to miss you :(
That translates to August 1, right?
Ayup. We don't do even month outings and August is an even month. Ergo July 32nd. Besides, it makes me giggle.