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anonymous kph

as it happened

The real review of Man-Thing is a lot less exciting than the previous write-up. Because the movie was actually pretty darn good for a low-budget Marvel Comics adaptation.

A new Sheriff comes to a sleepy Bayou town -- or at least it seems peaceful, on the surface. It harbors a great deal of resentment between the local Native Americans and an oil company which is drilling on sacred land.

You pretty much know what's going to happen, from the scene with the chanting and the dream catcher through the swamp elemental's final rampage against the offending derrick.

But it's well-done (especially some the swamp effects), even the odd glowy-firefly effects given to the Man-Thing's eyes.

The only Smithee-esque portions of the film were the appearance of naked breasts less than five minutes into the movie ("Bazongas in the Mist"), and the unfortunate tendency of the (Aussie) actors to slip out of their American accents in moments of heated confrontation.

In general, it was a well-made middling-low-budget environmental-horror movie.