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too many margarita film

The Dentist 2: Brace Yourself

We had a bit of a mix up on ... um ... March 26th ... with lunargeography's birthday and a traveling VCR. We were planning on watching The Dentist 2, because LG has a thing about dentists, but the movie was on tape and The Guru's VCR went for a joy ride in the back of his good friend's car. Then we went to Conbust and the next thing we knew it was Sunday, and still no The Dentist 2 was watched. Since The Earl has a working VCR (more or less) and LG had to work Sunday night, we relocated the tape and fed it to the VCR that was not touring the countryside in the back seat of a Jetta. Thus, The Earl, The Promotions Ninja, and sparklingduo sat down to watch The Dentist 2: Brace Yourself for a belated LunarGeography birthday movie.

One Word Review: Eeeeeeeeeeewwwwww!
Two Word Review: Mouth-cam bad!

On the whole, this was a fairly decent B flick. The actors weren't outstandingly bad, the plot was acceptable and the movie was filmed fairly well, so we didn't really get a whole lot for Smithee use. I think our only solid clip is a pretty amusing one liner but we might be able to finagle an AAS and the ending is ... well ... kinda funny actually, but clearly set up to lead us right into The Dentist 3. However, the worst part of the whole thing was ... mouth-cam. Let me just say that they had a really good mouth model and weren't afraid to use it. They also had lots and lots of bleedy blood plus some pus-y pus for the abscess poking scene, and oddly, a lot of people got their teeth worked on in this movie. A lot of people. It got to the point that all three of us watching would look away for the "cleaning" scenes which was amusing, but also ... yuck.

The plot was pretty basic. In the first movie, Evil Dentist (not his real name) Corbin Bernsen cut out his wife's tongue after she cheated on him. Or maybe he only thought she cheated on him. Not really clear from the flashback. In this movie, he escapes from his court-appointed-psychiatrist's office to a small town where he had (apparently) previously stashed some money and ID. Always pays to think ahead.

He has no interest in being a dentist again. He wants to put that aspect of his life behind him. But circumstances conspire against him. He chips a tooth, and the town's incompetent dentist enrages Evil Dentist so much that Evil Dentist accidentally knocks Incompetent Dentist down a flight of stairs, killing him. Several townspeople approach Evil Dentist (who they know as a kindly retired DDS from the Washington DC area), and essentially pressure him into opening a practice in their small town. This becomes convenient when a Nosy Reporter Lady schedules a cleaning, and attempts to ask several probing questions. Evil Dentist knocks her out and plays the "I Am An Evil Dentist Torturing You For Information" Game, which resulted in a lot of mouth-cam, and a lot of looking away.

Eventually Evil Dentist's new girlfriend and his (now ex-)wife converge in the new addition he's building to his house/office. There is a nailgun, and a surprise housewarming party.

And the whole thing ends with him chuckling maniacally to himself as he drives away in his little car, poking at the exposed part of his chipped tooth and saying, "Ow. Ha ha ha! Ow. Ha ha ha! Ow." Etc.

The film was directed by Brian Yuzna, the same masochistic "genius" who produced and directed Rottweiler. I have no idea why that would be relevant to anything, but there it is. Your Movie Factoid of the Moment.


Oh no you dinnit say "you know the drill"!! You funny.