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Beach Blanket Ninja

Dr. Blood's Coffin Revealed!

In short, this is a bland retelling of Frankenstein's Monster. In long:

Dr. Peter Blood has some interesting medical research he's working on which eventually gets him kicked out of Vienna when he moves to the next step: Human experimentation. Peter is convinced that he can transplant a still beating heart from one person to the dead body of another person and miraculously the dead person will be brought back to life. Unfortunately, the heart donor is kinda out of luck in this equation.

Drummed out of the academy, Peter goes back to the small Cornish village he grew up in where his dad is still the country doctor. Peter knows the local caves in and out and lucky for him, there are a couple of unfortunate people around that he can continue his research on. Unlucky for him, it's a small village so the disappearances are quickly noticed.

This and that happen in which Peter is weirdly helpful (search the caves for the missing guys? Why I know them like the back of my hand, I'll lead you through them!) until the widow he is sweet on ridicules his research. He then shows her how strong his science is by digging up her 2 year dead husband, transplanting a heart into the cadaver and lo! He was right all this time! He shall show them at the academy!

And then the walking corpse strangles Dr. Peter and both the Doc and the monster die in a fire. The end.