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Cinnamon Bacon Yum

Dinner and a Smithee

This Saturday, July 32nd, we'll be launching the new! and improved! Smithee Nite Out renamed "Dinner and a Smithee". It's still basically at the same bat place (Corner Brewery ) but a new bat time: 5pm. Come join us for food and games and whatnot.


We will be there for the dinner part. If you get bored, come to our house to watch a bad movie outside!
I think we've decided that we need to conserve the gas monies and will not be there this month.

However, on August 36th... we've got a birthday party... and...

Wow, when did my calendar turn all sorts of pretty colors all over the weekends?


Rats - this weekend I go to visit Dagoski back home. Sigh...next month!!

Keep your fingers crossed that either a job or grad school allows Mr. D. to relocate closer to civilization (and his long suffering wife *grin*)

Mrs. Dagoski (er Dr. Dagoski?)