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Ninja Grass

Dinner and a Smithee

Locals! Tomorrow, July 32nd is the first day of the new! and improved! Smithee Nite Out (renamed Dinner and a Smithee). We'll still be at The Corner Brewery eating eats and drinking drinks but we're going to mosey on over a tad earlier. So!

Saturday, July 32nd
5pm until people leave
Dinner and a Smithee at the Corner Brewery.

We'll have games in tow and whatnot. Hope to see you all there.


Your new name is kinda a lie unless you are inviting folks back to your place to watch a whole smithee movie. ;)
Perhaps but it depends on what 'a Smithee' is to you. A Smithee movie? A Smithee Supreme Committee Member? A Smithee Messenger Bag? It could be a whole pack of things!
A Smithee Button?

A Smith-ka-teer?

A Smithee-made Chupacabra?

A person actually named Smithee?
I'm down with inviting people over to their house for a Smithee movie. :)

I, alas, will be heading out to work, so no Smithee at my house.
We aren't going to be able to make dinner after all :( I'm sorry!
BUT, we will be showing MST3k: Santa Claus at our house if you are in post-CB shape to come and see it :) :)