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need more Catman!

Non-birthday Movie Movie Review: The Hanged Man

Why did we watch this one? I can't remember. Perhaps it was the second movie of the "count year" at the Guru's annual summer cookout party. Maybe we were a glutton for punishment. Perhaps our lords and masters the Thetans commanded we watch them. Wait, are Thetans good or are they the sort of things you banish? I can't remember.

OK, I remember why we watched this movie and that was because the cover said that it was about a hanged man who survives the hanging and gains the ability to read people's minds! Yeah, that sounded like a cool movie…I'm still waiting to see it. What we got instead was this hum drum western 'meh'lodrama which felt like a TV plot gone nowhere.

Psst film/pilot dudes: Mind reading would have totally made this flick! Plus, you said there was gonna be some!

The story starts out weirdly; nobody in the town wants to even hang this guy but you gotta do what you gotta do blah blah law and justice cakes. They are all really sorry about it too and are being super nice to him…except they are still gonna to hang him in the morning. They do, he dies, Clint Eastwood did it much better.

Really, Steve Forrest isn't a bad actor; I'm just a bit bitter still about the lack of mind reading. Hey, I was promised. Hrrmph.

Anyway, the hanged guy comes back to life which poses an interesting dilemma since he was supposed to hang "until he died" and since they made out a death certificate for him and everything, technically he IS dead. He's pretty animated for a dead guy though so the townsfolk in charge suggest he move on before someone starts picking the technicality apart.

Enter this week's tough situation: A widowed prospector and her son (and the obligatory crazy old mining coot who won't leave her because of somethingmumblePLOTCONVENIENCE) are being harassed by the local silver mining king. Hey, Clint Eastwood did do this movie better! Plot comes to shove, the crisis is solved and our (non mind reading) hero rides off into the sunset.

And then someone shows up in the last 5 minutes of the film looking for the not mind reading hanged man! Oh noes! Tune in next week when – well no because there wasn't even any this week so SUCKS TO BE YOU!

Quel dommage.