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two margarita film

non-birthday-movie movie review

A Speed Demon is an Ancient Sumerian Demon ... of speed. The shirtless car-loving hunks of Nonspecifictown love cars, and they wander around a lot without shirts on.

One of their number (Jesse) goes off to college, and when he comes home, he finds out that in his absence, the other hunks (and their girlfriends/hangers-on) have formed a sort-of speed cult. With bizarre tighty-whitey rituals. After his brother is killed in a race against the leader of the cult, Jesse must stand against them.

The plot thickens when it turns out that Jesse's father used to have a Speed Demon, and the gang leader wants it to add to its own. Plot twists fly thick and sluggish, but it seems the gang/cult/pod can only be countered with a series of the dullest, slowest, most ponderous races that one can (or should) imagine.

Other appropriate words to describe this film would be "slow," "plodding," and "get on with it already!"


Tighty-whitey rituals? Must be David DeCoteau. *checks* YUP!