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Movies We're Watchin'

another belated write-up

As promised last month, a slightly longer write-up of Dragon Ball: the Magic Begins.

The movie is based on a manga/anime which in turn is based on the early Chinese novel/story Journey to the West. But that's still no excuse, as it's very loosely based.

Our hero (Monkey Boy) is the 91st incarnation of the Monkey King. He lives a moderately-idyllic life in the woods with his (adopted?) grandfather. They practice martial arts, jump around between trees, fly on wires, hunt crocodiles for dinner, etc. Just your average everyday existence.

A bunch of bad guys steal his family heirloom (a Dragon Pearl). Luckily, they're being tracked by a girl with a Dragon Pearl tracker. They team up to hunt down the bad guys, encountering yet another girl, the 91st incarnation of the Pig Fairy, a stylish outlaw who has ... serious trouble with girls, a strange lecherous turtle hermit, etc. In the process, Monkey Boy acquires a pet bad special effect magic carpet.

The bad guys manage to successfully accumulate all seven Dragon Pearls, summoning the bad special effect Dragon, which will grant any wish to the Master of the Dragon Pearls. But Monkey Boy manages to jump the wish (not literally), and in the end, everything is put back the way it was ... except for the Big Bad Guy, who is Soundly Defeated in a Most Final Manner. At Least Until The Sequel.