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Miskatonic U

Dinner and/or/with/at/by a Smithee

September is coming up and with it should be Dinner and a Smithee night but...see...it's Ann Arbor (mostly) during football season and I don't know about you but I sure as heck don't want to be out and about during football Saturdays. Mind you, The Guru and I can walk to the Corner Brewery so we aren't much affected by crazy football traffic. However, most people can't get across town for want of FOOTBALL so we decided to have Dinner and a Smithee on an off Saturday.

Guess which Saturday in September isn't a home game.

Yeah. Thanks football schedule. Also thanks that of the 12 games, 8 of them are home games. HATE! So it looks like the September Dinner and a Smithee will be in very late September...like possibly the beginning of October. Stay tuned for more information while we sort out what weekend in Septober we'll be having Dinner and a Smithee.

Stoopid football.


Are any of the games really early in the day? A game that starts at noon should have cleared by dinner time. I think the worst traffic is in the two hours right after the game.

Of course, we're far enough from all of that that we don't even notice football Saturdays unless we want to go to the Farmers' Market.
I do believe the 12th and the 26th are both noon games (the added bonus being the 26th is against Eastern). I think we schedule the Smithee time to be at 5...is that enough time for the game to happen and the traffic to clear out? I don't know from football games!

Edited at 2009-08-25 09:15 pm (UTC)
I think so, but I don't pay enough attention to football to be sure. How long does a game usually run? Two hours?

I'm sure we must know somebody who watches football and who would have some idea.
Generally, football games last about 3 hours but it depends on what happens during the game. I only watch pro football, but I've seen games go well over 3 hours. The last 2-3 minutes tends to take a very long time, if the score is close.
So, if a game is on at noon, I would presume that people would be out of the stadium by 3:30 and back to their cars within a 1/2 hour and then get to fight the people onto the freeway! (Crazy fools...I live 2 miles from the stadium and you couldn't pay me to go there)
I expect that might be too tight for things to clear before five.

I like living far away from the stadium. I prefer not having to think too much about the games. I have, though, warned my husband that trips to the farmers' market will need to be timed carefully this month.
I couldn't believe it when I saw the schedule---8 home games + all the Saturdays in September! WTF??

Just fyi, our Halloween party is on Oct. 3 and of course you are all invited. I've talked enough about my friends at Smithee that there have been requests for introductions :)
DANGIT! Septober 33rd was our tentative fall back date. grumblegrumble.
Would Fridays work?

September 26? I am going back to my old college for Homecoming but will be back by evening.

This isn't all about me of course!!!!!!