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anonymous maq

Bad Cop 2

Bad Cop 2 is a movie that you could watch again and again, if you're not careful. Y'see, it was released under half a dozen different names, including "Corrupt", "Order of Death" and a couple variations of "Cop Killers." An unwary fan of police drama could wind up buying six different tickets for the same film.

So. The setup. Someone is murdering undercover narcotics cops. Meanwhile, Lt. O'Connor (Harvey Keitel) is sharing an eerily unfurnished secret apartment with his cop buddy Bob Carvo (Leonard Mann). All they seem to do when they're there is sit in the two leather chairs and stare out the window while they smoke cigars, listen to country music and drink scotch. Oh, and Bob has a pet bird in the front hall. And they're deeply ashamed of something - possibly that they're two macho cops playing "Brokeback Apartment" on Central Park West.

Eventually, the cop-killing psycho decides to target O'Connor. Said psycho is a rich boy named Leo Smith, played brilliantly by John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten of Sex Pistols fame. Seriously, he's a damn fine actor and it's a pity he hasn't done more of it. Leo confronts O'Connor at the apartment of shame and confesses that he's the cop killer. Unfortuantely for O'Connor, he can't take him in to the police station without the whole apartment secret getting blown wide open. So O'Connor sets about covering his trail while leaving Leo stripped to his shorts and handcuffed in the bathroom.

Long story short: nothing works out well for O'Connor. By the end of the film, he's killed buddy Bob, failed to seduce Bob's widow, and Leo has escaped from the bathroom. Just when things seem at their darkest, Leo returns to the apartment, to "help" O'Connor get his life back together.

Talk about Stockholm syndrome.

Eventually, thanks to Leo's kindly advice, O'Connor's life returns to normal. He's back sitting in the leather chair, staring out the window, smoking cigars, listening to country music, and drinking scotch. Oh, and blowing his brains out with his service revolver when the police storm up the stairs of the apartment building to arrest him as the cop killer.

Which may have been Johnny Rotten's plan all along.


Wait a minute, I was there, and Keitel didn't blow his brains out, he slit his own throat with the knife Mr. Rotten had been using on the cops, in order to (I think) direct blame where it belonged.
Blast & damn. Figures I'd misremember the ending.

Still, Johnny Rotten was an excellent understated psycho. Mad props to him for that.
Yeah, I've got to agree, though I think the screenwriters screwed up the reveal. I must say, the photos in his bedroom were just creepy...