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Beach Blanket Ninja

he walks by night

Out of the smog and into the fog....

While we watched nickdanger42's movie on his LJ birthday, we could not possibly disclose the date by posting on that day, lest his enemies know where to find him (Rock E. Rococo's, where the pizza is as hot as the revenge is cold, and the piano is off-key ... half a key, in fact).

Choosing a movie was difficult, even with Nancy's help. Thankfully, the number was a clue. A subtle hint. And so, we watched the 42nd (alphabetically) movie on badmovie's list, namely Challenge of the Tiger.

This film was written, produced, directed, and acted in by Bruce Le. Given his choice of co-stars, he chose Richard Harrison. Mr Harrison we know primarily from his role as the Camouflage Ninja in Godfrey Ho's series of Ninja(r) Empire films. This means that ... yes ... Richard Harrison actually interacts directly with Asian people in this movie!

Not so much of the fighting, though. He does a little fighting, but in the Bruce / Richard team, Richard is the lover. Bruce is the fighter. Although Bruce doesn't get the best fight scenes. The most interesting fight scenes are actually between the rival groups of bad guys ... but I'm getting ahead of myself.

At the very beginning of the film, a scientist develops a perfect anti-sperm formula, which is then immediately stolen. Richard (Richard Harrison), and Huang (Bruce Le) are called in to recover this formula before it can fall into the wrong hands.

The bad guys arrange for an auction, so that they can sell the formula to the highest bidder. Meanwhile, the terrorists (apparently North Vietnamese) send a group of people to steal the formula, as they can't afford to buy it.

Much mayhem ensues as Huang & Richard track down the formula while bad guys fight amongst themselves. Eventually the good guys win (almost by default, as the bad guys keep killing each other off), and the world is saved for procreation!

Highlights include the terrorists fighting the antagonists in a hotel room (my pick for Best Fight Sequence), Bruce Le fighting a bull in a bullring, and Richard Harrison playing tennis against a topless woman.

I am sad to report, however, that Bruce Le is nothing special as a director. I can only hope that Dolph Lundgren's directorial chops are better when it comes time to watch The Defender.



But, did you know that there is actually a pizza chain by that name?

I wonder if you can get a pickle there...

-Sean K.