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R.I.P. Henry Gibson

I just learned that Henry Gibson passed away on Monday. That man was in everything practically but we will miss him most as the evil scientist with the super weapon that is inferior in every way to any firearm ever made. And also as the head Nazi on the Blues Brothers.




We don't get to hear him and The Shat™ go back and forth calling each other a Namby-Pamby anymore, either!

Sad day...


"Illinois Nazis..." Elwood.

"I hate Illinois Nazis." Jake.



"Yes Sir!"

"Gruppenfuhrer, get that car's license plate number. We're gonna kill the son of a bitch."

Even still later:

"A man with that kind of record is going to make a mistake. Mr. Blues is gonna fuck up. And when he does, he better hope the police get to him before we do..."