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everybody loves batratspidercrab

28 Days Later: Smithee Mega-Meta 3 Show

(yes, this entry is backdated -- so sue me)

Tonight is a perfectly ordinary November night. Who would suspect that 28 days later...

* Zombie Nazis would rise from thier graves... err, swimming pools... and stalk the town?
* Vengeance-minded ex-cons would take male genitalia to never-before seen lengths?
* A goat... errr, incubus... from Hell would come to taunt William Shatner in esperanto?
* A man who has spent far too much time 'plugged in' would be destroyed by the power of love?
* Ninjas would battle, using techniques so secret that the filmmakers had to shoot the sequence in the dark?
* The fate of the world would rest on roller-skating vigilante nuns and a glowing smiley face of love?
* A stunned and horrified audience, filled with unhealthy snacks and drinks of colors not found in nature, would stumble out of the auditorium, intent only on destroying the world that had inflicted such torture upon them?

Yes, on Saturday, December 16, in 1800 Chemistry Building in Ann Arbor, Michigan... The winners of the last 5 Smithee Awards in each of 19 categories will rise from the cinematic dungheap to contend against one another in the ultimate B-movie showdown: Mega-Meta Smithee Awards 3!

Will the audience riot?
Will the world survive?
Will the Smithkateers be attacked by an angry mob bearing torches and pitchforks?

The only way to know is to show up sometime between 7 and 11 pm. Admission is free, refreshments are free, amazing giveaways are free -- and you're free to leave if you're not man enough (or woman enough) to take it!