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cake comes to frogtown 2

at the risk of invoking Godwin's Law

We watched They Saved Hitler's Brain for darksumomo's birthday today.

It has induced a narcotic stupor, and the proper review will come later, in a proper copper coffee pot.


That bad, eh? Maybe I should have watched it with you.
Surprised it took you so long. I saw that movie decades ago.
There was just something about the way the movie took forever to get going which turned me off. It started up, and then all the characters died, and we got a lesson on nerve gas, and then the movie started up again with the real characters, and it lost my benefit of doubt right there. A productive movie, to be sure, with a few clips nearly a lock to make the show (*BANG* "He's been shot! Oh Phil, he's dead!"), but I was a disappointed in the actual appearance(s) of "Mister H." Oh well.