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stupidest-looking brain

Here's that review of darksumomo's movie

Lest there be any doubt, They Saved Hitler's Brain is an excellent example of a movie with an odd history. But I won't share that history, even though it's a large part of why this movie is the way it is. Instead, here is a review of the movie itself.

The movie begins with a scientist being killed by car-bomb, in his possession the only copy of the formula for the antidote to G-Gas. But it turns out that wasn't the only copy -- no, there's another scientist who knows the secret! A police detective is paired up with a new partner to investigate.

After some intrigue and deception, all the characters that we've met onscreen are killed. An elephant is also "killed" to teach us the effects of that deadly nerve toxin, G-Gas. And, at 27 minutes, the movie finally begins.

Our main characters are actually the daughter and son-in-law of that scientist alluded to earlier, who is kidnapped offscreen to the tropical country of Mandoras. You see, a certain group of people need the antidote to the G-Gas before they can unleash it upon the world. They aim to (re-)claim their rightful place, under the watching gaze of their leader, "Mister H." Mister H is a head in a jar, surmounting an odd contraption of dials and levers. Mister H used to be a world leader, long-since thought dead....

That's right, Mr H is King Herod. Nah, I'm kidding, it's really Hitler, and the mystery men keeping the country of Mandoras in thrall are Nazis (and sometimes they even get their swastikas the right way up). The whole country of Mandoras is held hostage, even El Presidente (which is convenient for our heroes, as El Presidente has a lot of sway among the common Mandoran).

Things happen in this movie at their own leisurely pace, and often without any external rationale. But eventually the kidnapped scientist is rescued, the Nazis speed off to their rendezvous with destiny, and all the bad guys get gunned down or blown up. Hooray for our side!

I was a bit disappointed by Hitler's head, as all he said was "Mach schnell! Mach schnell!" And then in the end, he burned up in a fire (crackle crackle crackle).


Well, you know, he's only a head and we're whatever we are. But together, we have Smithees!

Actually, didn't the head from that movie also burn up in a fire. Mental note: when I become a disembodied head, I must make sure to have my minions install a fire suppression system. And a better one than they used in Terminal Error.

fire! fire!

Yes, the head (that wouldn't die) did die by burning up in a fire, but I seem to recall that it was suicide in her/its case. Regardless, the fire suppression system is a good precaution. And it will lower the insurance premiums on your evil lair.
Thanks for watching that so I didn't have to.

So, which categories did you get clips for?
Deus Ex Machina, Whoops!, Oblivious, Inane (2), and I couldn't resist clipping Herr Headtler as a Stupidest-Looking Monster
In that case, it was a productive evening!