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smithee food

a poll! a poll!

It's been awhile since taking the pulse of the Smitheeites. And so, here is a poll.

First, the context. Jones Soda currently has on offer Dungeons & Dragons-themed sodas.

Poll #1464866 Now, the Poll

Would such a drink be appropriate Smithee snackage?

Yes. Those colors are not found in nature.
No. It looks like it might be tasty.


Those colors are pretty much found in nature, and they look yummy (in fact, I MAY have just ordered myself a pack even though I normally won't drink non-diet soda.) BUT the sodas obviously would play very very very very very very very very very well to the Smithee crowd. So, it's crowd-appropriate but not Smithee-content-appropriate.
Yeah, I agree with Bubbles in that they aren't exactly Smithee themed but certainly Smithee audience appropriate. Also, I'm thinking they will be bad because I've only ever tasted one good weird Jones Soda and that was antacid and THAT is not right.