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too many margarita film

Huh...we DO have an LJ Smithee Group. Boy is it dusty.

So I was ranting about sites not updating (I'm having a Very Cranky Day) when I realized that the Smithee Awards technically have a community site which is never updated. I didn't think we were doing too badly since the last post was in July. Then I read the date. Yeah, nobody posts over at smithee_talk. Then I wondered why. I have some ideas (ranging from "I get my Smithee fix from here, FB, MySpace and the Main site, Smithee-Talk is kinda redundant" to "You have a community site?") but I kinda wanted to hear from the Smithee crowd as to why y'all think Smithee-Talk languishes. Ideas?

-Your Friendly "Oh yeah, we have a community site" Neighborhood Promotions Ninja.