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anonymous kph

Just a few months now

In just a few months, it will be 2010. Allow me to speak for all of us when I say, GAH!

That as it may, I (badmovie) am considering giving the old "26 movies in 52 weeks" thing another go next year. Just like last time, except there will be polls for every letter (not just the "savory" ones), and I'll have all the movies linked in to imdb (for those who like to click on links).

So ... what do you think of this Cunning Plan?

Shall I do "26 movies in 52 weeks" again?

I just like to vote in polls


Totally do it. Then we can start having movie/dinner theme nights again!
We still have to do a fish themed night with the magic hush puppies!! If there is a chicken movie, we can also do a Chick Inn dinner/movie night. The possibilities are endless.
Hee. I liked the 26/52 P-L-N. Do you have enough Q and...what was it 'Y' movies that you watched 7 for? Also, are you going to watch until you hit a Smithee movie for each letter or just watch a movie and if it's not category oh well?
Funny that you ask. I only have 1 "Q" movie, and no "O," "U," "V," or "Y."

But I hope to come up with at least two movies for each letter by the time that letter rolls around.

It was "V" movies that I watched all of ... and I haven't decided which way to play it, yet.


Yes, I vote my anonymous vote for another letter every two weeks. The alphabet corresponds so nicely with the weeks of the year, it would be a shame to waste the connection (even though both the length of the Roman alphabet and the length of the week are arbitrary).

-Sean K.